When we are in the Divine will of God, and seeing life through His Word,  the colors of each experience are amazing and brilliant and help to shape our character into the exact image of who He wants us to be.  At the end of the day we all see things differently but can still see the Big Picture if we work as a Team. 

That's who we are, Family and a Team.  Many times our paths do not align with each others because of our difference. With the support of each other and working together in this apocalyptic era, There's no bridge to difficult to cross.  No challenge too hard.


In 2021 we can see so many people still absorbed with "My Life" home, my child, everything about us is too large for us to see family and community and that we are all God's children.  The Robinson family( L- Jeremy, Howard, Tammy, Jessica, Pastor, David; Below-Ella, Jon & Ellen) love people and that's why we are in the ministry to help you on your way. Will you connect with God as he uses us all for his Glory? We can work together to make this community and area a resting place to those who seek hope, help & heart. 

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