CHURCH: Non-denominational (it doesn't matter what denomination you identify)

                  Interracial (All hearts welcome) 

                  Love-able (Right where you are) Come Join in!

Why go to a tight, judgmental, segregated church? Break the Cycle! At Highway Life you will find friends here, find love here, find a warm network of people that love people and want you to join in for the journey as reach reach for Jesus!


After all don't you want to go where you can be connected? Check out some key points WHAT WE BELIEVE...


Holy Spirit

And God said in the book of Genesis, "Let us make man in our image..." The reference was to mankind, in agreement.  God spoke as a team. Yes a team. AND It's easy to get!


God is 3 person's: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Those 3 are persons are called God. Easier: 3 parts to an egg right? What are they? E_ _ Y_ _ _S_ _ _ _.

To find out more, come visit Highway Life Sundays @ 10:00 am. In order to love, and respect GOD you have to know about Him.


We communicate and talk to friends and family, why not God? Can you imagine simply talking to someone who simply has the best direction for your life?


 Just say, God, I've sinned I confess to you that I've messed up and my life isn't worth living if you're not in it. I want to your guidance, and I want peace and understanding about this crazy world. You drive and I'll ride passenger all day! Forgive me of my sins and make me what you want me to be. Thank you for listening to me, I embrace change.  In Jesus Name, Amen!


Guess what? You just experienced SALVATION!  Come see us for the next step!  Welcome to the Family of God! There's a party going on in heaven over your name and your life matters ! ! !

After Earth



If you don't understand and question why? God's word is TRUE, it never has failed and never will. The ANSWER IS THERE! Through it, You will be empowered, wiser and stronger . You have questions, we have answers!


Come out on Sunday Afternoon to End Time Bible Study. Starts at 4:00 pm.

Prayer is one of the most important things in a Christians life. It's talking to God everyday and sharing your thoughts and asking him to show you things. That's all it is! Simple, right?  So why does it seem complicated and some churches don't even encourage it. A priest does not have to pray for you!  Jesus gave you access into His presence and he hears every word you speak. It's this easy! When you say, "Jesus, I need to talk to you, he gives you full complete attention. Try it! It's just like having a conversation with someone. He will answer you in various ways and you'll know it, but have patience. And look for answers in the small things!

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