The majority of our church operation and the existence of its being is because of beautiful people like you that are willing to give and volunteer your time, efforts and monies to help in the functions of Highway Life. Under the Direction of Nanette Eubanks, the Hannah’s seek to aid the ministries of the church and to be a support and aid to those who need it.  To be a willing vessel is extremely valuable in the building of the kingdom.  Many have the ideas and the thoughts of "how to" but are you willing to serve?

We are a faith based program that

endeavors to administer the Word of God daily as the men of Highway Life.

We have Integrity and Strength, and we heed the call.  Far from perfect but we are moving Forward! One direction and that’s up! David Robinson seeks to share the Word with practical, clear teachings that make Life Lessons relevant when you find yourself at a Rest Area on the Highway.




It is our responsibility to share with everyone and to teach and evangelize the Word of God to the generations prospectively

and to the World abroad.

Often times we find people that talk alot about their interests or

Desires have an agenda for self. Simply put, these

are individual marketers.

Anyone with extensive

knowledge of any product

and with a clear message

that communicates clearly

has a powerful tool that

has the ability to be

successful in witnessing

God's Word without fear.

Our goal is to Prepare the leaders to reach the nations. 


Without Fear 



David's Team

When we look at David in the bible as a worshiper he sang and danced with all of his might. David's Team is a group of singers and musicians whose goal and purpose is to praise and worship God with no limits. The yellow lines on a road are restricting! No passing! No lane changes! No room to drive freely! Ponder: Why don’t you try driving on the highway with no lines???

Media Ministry

Whether you are a phone junkie, or a computer geek, if you have skills that would lead you to help promote the gospel through media and social apps in the Sound room you'll find Brother Jeremy as he edits a service on camera and runs the Media Ministry. If your fingers or thoughts are found playing with an electronic device, be sure to shout out when you visit a worship gathering. 


This is a Christian Program that is based on a foundation of Bible study, in A group setting. Its light, its practical and its cozy-friendly.

Our focus is life's issues and obstacles as we examine ourselves, find answers and desire to be the makeup of a Godly woman.         Kelsey, Jess and Jen share a moment together.