Hundreds of thoughts and ideas have arrested the free mind to gender ministry groups... I reflect on the lyrics of Casting Crowns song...” But If we are the body...” then why aren't we doing more? The pronoun "we" speaks to everyone.  Jesus despised the Pharisees and the denominational walls of religion as they shackled freedom and enslaved the free to be bound


But I have a Word for you today!... Be Free! IF JESUS HAS COME TO YOU TODAY, BE SET FREE, IN JESUS NAME!!!  

The good news is for you! Hey, listen… LIFE can't be sealed in tomb and a grave can't keep an explosion of God's Wisdom from setting you free today! Whoever has been set free by His Power and Word is definitely free from bondage!

Being called as a Pastor and being a woman, having a mandate to teach, to serve and to shepherd, all of this placed on my life is something that God decided.  I didn't call myself, but he called me and chose me for a lifelong assignment to teach others about "the way". We reflect on the words of Jesus in Matthew 22, that are timeless to each person when he spoke the words, "many are called and few are chosen." He called and I answered.  There is not one scripture text in the Word of God that restricts a male or female from teaching and preaching a Life changing Word. 

We share lessons; the standards of living from a foundation that is sound and tested... indeed controversial to many but it has the power to invoke change, to call the nations, to heal the sick and make straight the pathway of a crooked mind.  Miracles, signs and amazing things happen. Come See. It's LIFE!   

As I began to teach the Adult Sunday School class at the age of 18, I felt my life was different and knew God was preparing me for something I never would have asked for. 

When the presence of the Holy Spirit came into my Life, I've never let go of the Power of God's unchanging, infallible love and desire to see me through all of the trials and the battles that I've faced as Pastor. Highway Life is moving forward in the newness and restorative ministry as we teach, there is only One Way and that's through Jesus Christ.

I’ll see you Sunday. The gathering begins at 10:00 am.